Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Happiness

There is no shortage of activities in our town during the Summer months and we take full advantage of several of them. One of our favorites is Concerts in the Park. The music is generally pretty good and the side shows are generally pretty awesome!

It's just that the sideshows aren't part of the planned entertainment. Jugglers, Frisbee games, more bubble blowing than should be legal, and people watching (by far, my favorite) are among the usual suspects.

Plus, I have never been what that I didn't see tons of people I know. It is so much fun to chat and catch up.

My kids, though, they just view it as another excuse to get dirty and tromp around water making their Mommy a bit nervous. Here they are 'fishing' with a stick with some bread stuck to it. For every fish that nibbled on the bread, they got a point for 'catching' a fish! Pretty fun little game, really. Especially when they couldn't tell if that was the same orange fish that ate earlier or when one of the fish happened to be nearly as big as the child 'fishing' for it, producing all kinds of excited running and jockeying for position.

And small scale heart-attacks waiting to see who's gonna get shoved in the water.

Anna never strays far from the food. Girl has her priorities to be thinking of, ya know.

It was nice to have at least one who stayed put. Daniel was utterly content to just lay on his blanket and watch the hullabaloo go on around him.

And they all sleep so well after these outings! Which we all know makes it worth going to bed half an hour late for, right??

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