Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Elizabeth - 4 Years Old!

Four years ago, I held this precious baby in my arms and marveled again at God's goodness to me.

Since that day, He has shown His faithfulness as He has grown her into the Sunshine of our family. Her sweetness and her consideration for others knows no bounds. Today, for instance, we are baking cupcakes. As you sit there and think that activity would be a no-brainer, let me fill you in on a detail: Our Elizabeth doesn't like cake and cookies and brownies and breads of most any sort. The sole purpose behind baking these cupcakes is so she can deliver them to her friends. She herself will be partaking of an ice cream cake, which we get to share with a friend of the family tomorrow night.

She is a beautiful little girl, inside and out. I look forward with anticipation to the woman that our Lord is growing her into, but hold on to the girl that she is.

Happy Birthday, Sunshine!! We love you so much!


Cheryl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! I love you!!!

Aunt Cheryl

Christine said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girl!