Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a long one, folks. Not a bad one, mind you, but long.

For me, anyway.

This is completely due to the fact that I have been contracting regularly and with increasing intensity since Thursday evening. So, um, if you don't have your guess lodged, now would be the time.

The weekend's discomfort was pleasurably broken up, though, by snippets from our charming and witty children.

Elizabeth never fails to inform me of my 'great big tummy'. And all three girls are prone to stuffing something up their shirts and wandering around talking to each other about their 'pregnancy' woes. Sarah Grace even had an elephant recently.

I was humored and maybe a little scared.

Anna takes her role as family comedian very seriously. As I was getting her up from nap the other day, an 'aroma' assaulted my nostrils.

'Anna, are you funky?' I queried.

'I smell wike you, Mama!' she exclaimed.

Agh! I hope not! I may be pregnant but I can assure you I am bathed extremely regularly. Something calming and soothing about all that hot water...

We had a yard sale over the weekend. It wasn't exactly comfortable for me and the weather wasn't the greatest (kind of chilly and windy), but I was determined to get the stuff out of my house. The kids were quite industrious and set up a stand to sell water and cookies and did really well! Thomas was quite the little sales man, asking everyone who drove up if they would like a snack. He even sold to some of our regular neighborhood walkers/joggers.

But really, who can resist a cute kid?

And in a frenzy of energy and nesting, I painted the guest bedroom. Pictures of the finished product to follow.

One day.


And that about covers it. It was quiet and uneventful, despite my desperately trying to put myself in labor.

Maybe by next weekend, we will have some news about Babe to share...

Here's hoping!

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