Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reflections On Christmas Day 2010

It was a year for the Family Records. A real White Christmas! We tried to make the children understand how very monumental this event was. Granny proclaimed it her very first White Christmas in *number she would kill me if I said* but it's a smidgen more than the '69' she likes to tell people.

Just keeping it in perspective, Granny!

They nodded and listened and I totally don't believe they grasped the history they were witnessing. But they are six and five and three and two. Who cares what day it is? There is SNOW out there!

The snow did not eclipse Santa, though.

The children managed to keep to their beds until just before seven, a pretty decent hour in my way of thinking. Thomas came creeping in our room with excitement beaming from his young features and whispered that Santa had come! Santa had come!!

The girls were awed by the doll house and all it's wonderfully fun parts. Thomas was entranced by the train he has been pining after for three years. They loved ripping into the gifts under the tree and delighted in the baby dolls, the nerf guns, and the new pajamas!

Check out that adorable toothless smile!

After all the gifts were opened and taken from their boxes and played with for a bit, we started on breakfast. Monkey Bread is a Christmas Breakfast Must at our house.

Next year, I think the kids are going to be in charge of making it. I'll just put drop cloths all over the kitchen...

Thomas scrambled up some eggs while Daddy cooked some bacon, and we all feasted on the yumminess!

I was out-voted on the 9AM nap, so the kids instead bundled up and went outside to play in the wintry whiteness.

Here's hoping that your Christmas day was filled with as much fun, love, and laughter as ours was!!

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