Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Daily To Do List

1. Get up. Out of the bed. Get dressed and pretend to be awake.
2. Get Munchkin Brigade up.
3. Feed them.
4. Dress them.
5. Remind them of daily chores.
6. Try to do some of my daily chores.
7. Phonics & Reading - Thomas
8. Math - Thomas
9. Try to do more of those daily chores.
10. Put the baby down for a nap.
11. Sit the older three in front of the television for Word World.
12. Breath.
13. Laundry.
14. Phonics - Sarah Grace
15. Letters & Numbers - Elizabeth
16. Trip over something. (or the day is not complete)
17. Get the baby up from nap. (even if she just went to sleep)
18. COMPUTER TIME! For me, not them. They have to go outside.
19. Feed the baby lunch.
20. Make lunch for the older kids.
21. Remind them to wash their hands. A collective reminder followed up by individual reminders.
22. Repeat step 21.
23. Eat lunch.
24. Help everyone clear the table.
25. Send them back outside.
26. Pick up all the toys the baby threw overboard and put them back on her high chair tray.
27. Clean up from lunch.
28. Get baby out of high chair and place her on the floor to play.
29. Breath.
30. See who is screaming bloody murder.
31. Kiss boo-boos.
32. Deny the plaintive begging for candy.
33. Read books.
34. Toss the girls in bed.
35. Laundry
36. Review something related to school with Thomas.
37. Put him in a small confined space with several books.
38. Remind him twice to stay put.
39. Or else.
40. Breath.
41. Computer time. Again. Because I am addicted. It's a communication tool, people.
42. Eat the candy I denied the children.
43. Putz around for an hour or so demanding nothing but quiet and peace from even the house flys. The ones that came in while somebody stood with the door wide open as I kissed boo-boos.
44. Set snack out on the table.
45. Allow Thomas to come out of solitary confinement.
46. Play with Thomas for a bit.
47. Allow the rest of the group up.
48. Eat snack.
49. Clean up from snack.
50. Start fielding the 9264 requests for permission to do various activities ranging from reading and Play-Doh to finding a roller coaster to ride on.
51. Have the first thought as to what might be for dinner.
52. Pretend I am Scarlett O'Hara and decide to think about dinner later.
53. Think about all the things I didn't manage to get done today.
54. Laundry.
55. Start snacking on things that aren't healthy for me.
56. Decide that I had better think something serious about dinner.
57. Check on kids to be sure that their little minds and hands are busy with profitable things.
58. Scrape something together for dinner.
59. Feed the baby (I got her up somewhere around #49)
60. Start running the kids out kids out of the kitchen as they beg for food.
61. Set the table.
62. Call husband to see what his ETA is.
63. Go into blind frenzy to get everything done for dinner.
64. Call the kids in.
65. Remind them to wash their hands. A collective reminder followed up by individual reminders.
66. Repeat step 65.
67. Loose my cool.
68. Hear the door open and thank the Lord that husband is home.
69. Ruin some part of dinner (or again, the day isn't complete)
70. Get everyone to the table for dinner.
71. Work in conjunction with husband to remind the children that they ARE IN FACT kids, not animals visiting a dinner table.
72. Grit my teeth and get through dinner.
73. Excuse the Munchkin Brigade from the table.
74. Remind them to wash their hands so that they don't get grimy stuff on everything they touch. A collective reminder followed up by individual reminders.
75. Repeat step 74.
76. Start clearing the table.
77. Get totally sidetracked.
78. Help get the kids all pajammied.
79. Tuck in children and do story time with them.
80. Nurse the baby.
81. Listen as husband reminds children to be quiet and stay in their beds.
82. Change the baby.
83. Love the baby.
84. Listen as husband goes in to 'remind' the kids to go to sleep.
85. Put the baby to bed.
86. Kiss four little faces good night.
87. Close the door to their room.
88. Be thankful for the roomful of children who all call me Mommy.
89. Be thankful that the roomful of children who all call me Mommy are tucked in for the night.
90. Start up the steps.
91. Hear one of the children come out of their room to go potty.
92. Stand still to make sure said child does their business and washes their hands.
93. Remind child to wash their hands.
94. Wait until child goes back to bed.
95. Wonder why it never matters that they go potty just before bed, somebody always has a bladder that has been refilled just after lights out.
96. Start up the steps. Again.
97. Help husband finish up the kitchen.
98. Laundry.
99. Make sure somebody fed the cat.
100. Get a snack.
101. Head downstairs.
102. Pick up book or remote control, or maybe both.
103. Think about blogging.
104. Remember that my laptop is still out of commission.
105. Decide it is late, I am tired, and I don't want to go upstairs to the desktop computer.
106. Realize it's been a week since my last post.
107. Decide to prep for tomorrow's school work over going back up the steps to blog.
108. Turn on television.
109. Prep for tomorrow's school work.
110. Watch television.
111. Eat my snack.
112. Pour a bath.
113. Soak in hot water while I read my book.
114. Crawl into bed, hoping that the baby doesn't wake up for at least seven solid hours.
115. Wonder why I didn't go to bed earlier.
116. Toss and turn a little bit.
117. Start reviewing the day in my head.
118. Start plotting out tomorrow in my head.
119. Pray. Pray. Pray.
120. Drift off to sleep.
121. Wake up to small person wandering into the bathroom.
122. Listen to be sure small person does their business and washes their hands.
123. Remind small person to wash their hands.
124. Look at clock.
125. I had only been asleep for 20 minutes.
126. Pass back out.
127. Sleep.

Never mind the two hundred things that didn't make this list because I am entirely too tired to think about them! Diapers, break up the fights, paint little toe nails, you name's probably done somewhere in a day.


Stacia said...

I'm exhausted from just reading this. God has blessed you with patience and grace.

liz said...

Sounds like my days. It's good to know I'm not alone. =)

Christine said...

You rock! :)

Missi said...

delightful. I fully appreciate myself as a mommy now. ;) We do a lot, don't we?

Memum said...

You continue to ROCK!!

Hey-have I told you about my GRANDCHILDREN?!!!!

Love ya!

The Bouldins said...

What a great list! :) Bet you sleep well once you finally get there.