Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Why yes, I am. Just a bit.

I keep thinking of things that I could blog about, but then either I forget them, or I see something incredibly similar over at a friend's blog. Which makes sense, since several of my friends are in the same place in life as I am and we tend to have children round about the same ages.

And obviously if I read it on another blog, I can't write about my own experience with it here. That would be copying.

Don't ask me where I got that idea. It's a weird and warped sense of bloggy ethics I live by.

We are busy finding our new groove, with a nearly two week hiatus from said groove because Mommy was sick.

And a bit of a break from it this week because I have the supreme privilege of adding two boys to my brigade for several days. It is an enlightening experience. I am loving it!

I'll do my best to get over my issues and get back to sharing our lives with you, oh loyal readers. (Hi, Mom, LL!)


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I'd settle for a phone call. Or a text...

The Bouldins said...

those of us here in Knoxville have been missing hearing about your world, too :)

Anonymous said...

YUppers!!! I am loyal!
Charlotte told me Thomas has chosen a house in your neighborhood to move me into?--LOL