Thursday, September 02, 2010

Anna Joy - 21 Months

No really! It's true. This kid is closing in on two years of age. My baby is not so much a baby anymore, but a full-blown toddler.

Course, by some standards, she's been a toddler for quite some time. I don't count toddler-hood until the word 'no' is heard issuing forth from those sweet baby lips. She finally found her No.

She's found quite a few words and there aren't many of them that I don't love hearing coming out of her mouth.

Coo-koo or Kan-coo - Thank You
Gihkey - Blanket
Taaaaaaaagiieeeeeeee (long and drawn out like that) - Another word for her beloved Blanket
Thom - Thomas
Zizzy - Lizzie
Zayzie- Gracie
Waf-Ooo - Love you
Men! - Amen
Daow - Down
Ow-sie - Outside
Up, up, up! - Pick me up!
I in awmy, Achoo! - I'm in the Lord's Army, Yes Sir! (you know, the song)
Y'em - Yes, ma'am
Key-key - Cookie
Ishie - Fishie (goldfish)
nym - M&M's
Gink-Gink - Drink (frequently confused with her word for Blanket, resulting in NO!)

She sings her own adorable version of 'Jesus Loves Me'. She has a weakness for shoes and anybody's will do in a pinch. She is extremely territorial (my lap, her toys, their toys, her drinkk cup, just to name a few) And no child has ever loved being read to the way this one does!

She is not perfect, mind you. There are frequent melt downs and temper fits, but she is highly entertained, and we certainly love her to bits!

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Anonymous said...

I love it when they start talking. Everything they say is cute, even No. :) My daughter is learning new words every day and it makes me giggle. Although "no" is not my favorite. :)