Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

I've been a bit under the weather lately. As in going to bed before my kids on some nights, then still napping with them in the afternoons, and pretty much craving my bed at all points in between.

It was while I was trying to get one of those naps in today that Thomas entered my bedroom looking a tad bit smug.

"Um, Mommy... I lost another tooth! I just reached up and wiggled it and it fell right out! What should I do with it?"

Y'all, I tried to be perky. But I was pulled out of drooling good sleep. And my head was pounding. And the allergy medication was taking it's toll.


"I lost a tooth! See??" he whisper shrieked, then stuck his tongue through the new gap.

"Ohh, good buddy! Put it dare on da dight stand, mgay?"

"Okay. Will the Tooth Fairy come tonight?" came his hopeful question.

"Hmm? Yeah, buddy, she will. I love you."

He set the tooth down on my night stand and fairly pranced out. I giggled for a fraction of a nano-second and konked back out.

When I woke up, he asked for his tooth. He claimed he needed to clean it up for the Tooth Fairy. Ten minutes later he appeared with a snaggle tooth grin and a small bottle filled with water.

"See? It's soaking."

He held up the bottle and, sure enough, there was a small tooth in the bottom of the container.

He showed Joshua when he got home, and we exchanged one of those parental looks over Thomas' head that clearly said 'what-the-heck?'

This evening, as we settled in, Thomas asked to write a note to the tooth fairy.

"Son, how do you know the tooth fairy can read?" inquired Josh.

Sarah Grace piped up with her mad observation skillz, "Yes she can. She has eyes."

When we got it straightened out that a fairy in possession of eyes doesn't mean the fairy in question can read, the conversation boiled down to what was it a tooth fairy gave in exchange for old teeth. Candy? Tooth-brushes? Money?

Tomorrow will tell...

So what does the Tooth Fairy leave when she visits your house??


The Farmer Files said...

We are waiting patiently for her to show up. No loose teeth and he turned 6 last week!

Anonymous said...

The Bill!!!!!!!!

Deeapaulitan said...

Ummm - we were never visited by the tooth FAIRY. We had a tooth EXCHANGER. And WHAT an exchange. Glitter dusted quarters!! Teeth with cavities only got glitter dusted pennies. Great motivation to keep the choppers clean and bright.