Friday, July 23, 2010

I Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun

The local theater is hosting a free movie summer series. So, if the movie being played is suitable for our kids, I load them up and go and meet friends to watch the movie. Then, usually, everyone comes back to our place, since it is so close, for lunch and a bit of play.

It is a beautiful thing. Truly.

Except when you walk out of the movie theater, get nine children loaded and strapped into two vehicles, then notice a flat tire on one of those vehicles.

Not just low. Oh, no. We don't do anything half way 'round here.

I hopped in my van, pulled if forward a couple of spaces, got out to help Jen strap children (some hers, some mine) into her car, and noticed I had a low tire. By the time we got everyone buckled in, the rim was all but on the ground.

And it was HOT, y'all. Southern fried hotness on asphalt.

At noon.

With nine hungry kids.

We evaluated the situation, piled all the kids into Jen's car so they could sit in cool air conditioning and watch another movie, and commenced figuring out what to do. Call Road Side Assistance? Not on your life! That could take a few hours. Call one of our husbands? Yep. Hers, in fact, since he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and mine was in dress slacks.

While we waited for Ken to arrive, we located, loosened, and put to use the jack. Did you know that there are step-by-step instructions for changing a tire included with my mini-van? Instructions with pictures!!! And there is a notch on the jack for the spot on the van where you let it rest. It is so simple.

So simple that I totally grabbed my camera to take pictures and let Jen do all the work. I am a dainty and delicate flower.

And we're still friends, y'all!

We, er, she got the spare tire loose, and the jack positioned. I turned a time or two to get it jacked up, but she did the dirty work. Being the good friend that I am, I allowed her to wipe her hands on my white kitchen towel that was inexplicably in the van.

I did have to change the really nasty diaper that Anna produced. The super nasty kind that leaks through and onto her clothes, and since I was carrying her, mine too. Apparently I am not that dainty and delicate after all. At the very least, I wasn't smelling like a flower.

Meanwhile, the children we're, well... they were.

When Ken showed up, the kids started piling out of the other vehicle and begging to help. Good thing Ken is patient. It took several minutes longer than it could have because he let everyone help who wanted to help. Thomas and Micah took a special delight in being momentary mechanics.

Except those who couldn't help because their bladders were calling...

Oh, yeah, a true Mommy to Many Little People, Jen was armed with a travel potty for all those who were in need. She is my hero, people!

Eventually, the flat tire was lifted off and we all marveled at the screw that was completely embedded in the tread. Then the dummy tire was placed on and the help picked up right where it left off...

Finally, we were deemed road worthy. We came on to the house, and threw pizza in front of all the kids. Jen and I relaxed on the couch and visited.

After I changed into some fresher smelling clothes.

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up! It is amazing that you ever leave your house!