Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things I Don't Want To Forget - Looking Back

Joshua and I have been reveling in all of Anna's language skills. That kid will try just about anything! It has had us reminiscing about phrases and funny little words from the other kids as they began talking. Sweet little words squeezed through fat cheeks and rose bud mouths. Funny little sayings that we just don't want to forget.

Which is why we have this handy-dandy little blog. To jot these things down so they don't get lost over the years.

All of our kids still use the word 'ah-suh-lee' (phonetic translation). Thomas created this word and it means 'actually', 'also', or 'instead of'. I hear it two or three times a day, and I only realize that it's not a real word when someone outside our family comments on it. I think I have even used it a time or two!

Sarah Grace used to crack us up when she would come to us and ask 'What doin' dere?' It was usually said in a small voice from a very tired little girl. Generally when she was already mildly upset. The classic case was when Joshua was giving her a bath one evening. She tearfully looked up at him and posed the question, 'What doin' dere, Daddy?' He gently answered her with 'Well, Sarah Grace, what does it look like I'm doing?' 'Wah-sin meeeeeeeee!' came her reply in the form of a quiet wail.

Elizabeth charmed her Daddy and twisted him a few more loops around her finger with her super sweet 'Dad-nn' and her cuddles. She is still the most exuberant child to greet him as he comes home from work.

Our Anna keeps us guessing. She does adorably cute baby things that none of our others ever bothered with. She totally loves playing peek-a-boo. She will cover her bright eyes with her cherubic little hands and then peek out, laughing as she says 'bee-pie!' She gets the giggles at the drop of a hat, and she is a little magpie. She will repeat anything!

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Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Wait. She giggles? You only describe her to me in wails and whines. I must see this child again and make sure it's the same one. :-) Entirely possible she switched personalities with Willa.

p.s. Aubrey's Mom, if you're reading this, I promise I'm just teasing Aubrey and I think Anna is a total sweetie and can do no wrong, no matter what her mama may say.