Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happiness at the Foot of Mount WashMe

Children are a blessing. Oh, yes, they are! From their sweet little cherubic faces to their stinky little feet.

But I am not one to shy away from calling a spade a spade. All these little munchkin type blessings create a pile of work for me. On top of the schooling and refereeing and teaching through life's lessons, there are dishes to be done, floors to be swept up, and laundry, laundry, laundry and more laundry.

It may not be the room that I choose to spend much of my time in, but the fact is, I spend weeks of my life scrubbing stiff-necked stains, switching loads from one machine to the other, and folding clothes for the six people who live in this house. In order to help me keep my sense of humor and make my work easier to whistle my way through, there are a few rays of sunshine in my laundry room.

And there they are. That sign keeps me grinning even when I am wrestling with a tomato stain on a white shirt. The minute I ordered it from Emily, I giggled each I entered the laundry room. And that was before it arrived!

And directly under that sign? My very favoritest laundry detergent ever! If you are in search of a super laundry cleaner that is all natural, made with a Mother's Love, and allows you to support a great cause, then here is the very answer you have been looking for: Hope Suds. My friend Lora and her family also believe that children are a blessing. They are currently awaiting the arrival of child number six...all the way from Uganda! In the Lord's time, they will be adding that much more laundry to their pile.

So what makes you smile when you enter your laundry room??


Laura Forman said...

considering my washing machine is in my kitchen...it makes me smile that at least i have one and i am not doing it all by hand! :)

Hannah said...

Well, my dark blue front loaders make me smile. And pulling warm diapers out of the dryer make me like laundry even more :) Hopefully potty training will go well, and I won't be washing diapers much longer until there's a new kid on the block.

The Roap Family said...

When Emma wants to help me do laundry it makes me smile watching her push the basket of dirty clothes from the bedrooms to the laundry room (sometimes she stops to tell me the basket is "heaby") and when she takes the clothes out of the dryer and dumps them into the laundry basket :)

Maybe if I had a cute sign in my laundry room I would smile more often :)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Love the sign, love the shameless plugging of HopeSuds. You're the best.

The Farmer Files said...

Love the sign!!!!

Missi said...

LOVE that sign! LOL
You know our washer was broke for like over a week a couple weeks ago. We did laundry in the tub. I promise I will never ever ever ever ever complain again...as long as I have a machine to do the washin'!