Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hello, August!

It is positively boiling outside. And it's night time! You would think that with this kind of heat, we would have the good sense to sit back and watch movies and be as still as humanly possible.

Where's the fun in that???

It is one of the busiest weeks on the calendar for us. Summer activities are wrapping up and Fall activities are just beginning. Although it's hard to think of anything related to Fall when we're under an Excessive Heat Warning. (Did I mention anything about the heat yet?)

Still though, there is the last swim day for the young families in our Sunday School class. The last free movie at the local cinema's summer series The last night of our Summer Bible Studies at church.

Then there is the first soccer practices of the year. Separate nights, naturally, for Thomas and Sarah Grace. There is prepping for the first full blown week of school (you know, wherein we actually do the full gamut of our curriculum rather than just three R's?)

Oh, and there is a sweetie pie little girl in our house who turns five this week! And her Pinkalicious Party planned for the weekend, when our home will be invaded by fifteen some odd little girls gussied up in pink tulle and ribbons. And the planning that goes into that.

And three doctors appointments on the book for the week. Clearly I was not listening to the nurses when they scheduled these appointments or I would have never agreed to this insanity.

And I finally committed to colors for the walls of the house and foolishly chose to apply them this week. Because my plate begs for more sides and more sides and more sides. There is no such thing as too full.

Y'all, just think of us this week, would ya? Toss up a prayer or forty if you don't mind? It's daunting. Verrrrry daunting.

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Anonymous said...

Please be with my oldest child, my middle child and my youngest child..you know their strenghts and weaknesses. Please don't forget their MOM and all other family members and friends. Knowing each and every need and teaching every lesson in yuor greatness and patient way. -AMEN-