Monday, June 07, 2010

The Red Headed Step Child...

...must be exactly what this lil' ol' blog is feeling like these days.

It's just a busy season for us right now, what with the move, the decorating, the start of a new school year (why yes, we did already start, and yet, we will still finish in May with the rest of the world), the mission trip and all that entails, and let's not forget the day to day living and breathing that must be done. The laundry that never ends, the kitchen that creates it's own mess (no confessions as to who does some of the weird stuff I keep finding, like the cereal bowl that was mostly full and in the lower cupboard for ihavenoearthlyideahowlong), and the extra laundry that I am creating all by my lonesome.

I have poison ivy. And not just some small smattering, but full-blown-make-me-miserable-steriod-shot-and-steroid-pack-didn't-put-a-dent-in-it-where-is-my-miracle-cure poison ivy! On my earlobe, too. Like, I-can't-wear-earrings on my earlobe. Pretty hateful, eh?

And I leave for Haiti in four days with this mess. Can we say specific prayer request??

There is a camera somewhere in this house that houses some cutie patootie pictures of my cutie patootie kids. Once I unearth the thing again, I will put you up a post full of silly Munchkin Brigade photos.

Until then, I leave you with this thought that has been spinning through my mind for the past few days.

Someone was chatting with me recently about my children and complimenting their behavior.

'They are such a reflection of their parents,' she stated, beaming at me.

While I was pleased that she thought so highly of my children, my heart skipped a beat or three at her sweet statement. It was one of those moments when my brain was working on an altogether alternate plane, and all I could think was, what am I reflecting? Am I leaving a legacy of love? Is what they are seeing in me pointing them towards Christ? Do my daily actions exemplify the qualities of the Titus 2 woman or the Proverbs 31 woman? Do they know that they are so much more important to me than the stuff that is surrounding me and demanding my attention right now?

If our children are a reflection of us, what do you most want them to see in you?


Anonymous said...

Wow! This must be a really bad year for poison-got a shot today! and as usual, you seem to be on a great child rearing path. I love ya'll!

Laura Forman said...

I was just thinking of you today and how I have missed hearing from you! Thanks for taking the time to blog :) I am glad that you posted about what you want our children being a reflection of you...I have been thinking about that lately as I am right in the thick of the terrible twos! And woe is me :) It is tough...I want to be loving but firm, patient, kind, soft spoken (which is hard one for me!) and truly careful with my tongue...those are things I have been learning lately. And of course, always humble, knowing that if my children are good, it isn't me, He is the only one to get the glory!!
Praying for you as you prepare to leave for Haiti...ah, you are going to have so much...well, not sure if fun is the word? but yet it will be life changing!! :) You will never be the same again!!
Oh and bad poison ivy! Praying it will just miraculously disappear! Wouldn't that be an awesome testimony to share with some Haitians..what a BIG God we serve :)