Sunday, April 18, 2010

His Return

Occasionally, very occasionally, I have to dig out my big girl panties and deal with things in life that I really dislike.

Joshua went out of town for the weekend. He left Friday morning. It was a long day. I don't know why. He's always at work on Fridays. I shouldn't have felt his lack of presence, but the simple knowledge that he was traveling three states away in his truck rather than grinding out computer code in his office had me feeling kind of mopey all day long. Finally, I tucked the kids into bed.

Saturday, I got to go with Lora to a street festival where we promoted Hope Suds! It was so much fun to spend the day with her and listen to her tell people how very close they are to bringing their sweet baby home!

Then today, folks, I pulled off a huge feat! I got all four kids up, fed, dressed, and out the door in time to be five minutes early for Sunday School! Oh, and me, too! I remembered everything I was supposed to remember. Diapers for Anna? Check. Sippee cups for Elizabeth and Anna? Check. Everyone's blankets? Check. Stuff to do a set of handprints for a very excitable grandmother? Check.

We did, however, skip the evening service. As pulled together as it sounds in the above paragraph, the day was not without it's stresses.

It's Sunday night now. The kids are in bed, I am mentally gearing up for the upcoming week, making menus, shopping lists, and all kids of other lists. I'm almost ready to wash my face and crawl into bed and read a few chapters of a really good book.

As I spoke with my Joshua tonight, he sounded relaxed and happy. The man has been living in a tent for three days, and he is perfectly content. He comes home tomorrow evening. I will throw myself in his arms and completely ignore the children for two whole minutes. Then I will step back and let the poor, ignored children at him.

I'll be putting my big girl panties away while he chats with them.

And then, we will reserve some time to talk excitedly about the home we will be signing our lives away for this Thursday and moving into on Saturday!!!


Laura Forman said...

a new house?? you must share pictures!! how exciting for you guys!! glad you had a good weekend despite the fact that your hubby was away! love you!

the random writers said...

A new house?!?!? Where??? Not that I did not enjoy your whole post...but this grabbed my attention the most....

missi said...

i'm with the above! new house?!? =D