Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Monday

Y'all like how I stealthily slid that notice about our upcoming change of address? Yep, the week promises to be a very full one.

We kicked it off by sleeping in. Thomas and I got up about 8:30 while the girls slept until after nine. Just as I started thinking the day was really going to be good and productive, Thomas cried out.

He had vomited. He spent much of the morning repeating this activity. I won't go into detail. We don't need to remember those kinds of things.

I popped in movies and kept them coming until about two. At this point I called to everyone that it was nap time. We all crashed and didn't motivate until after four. After five, in some cases.

Yeah, we are just kind of hanging in here. Stay away, people. Hopefully, this is an isolated event. We are praying it was just for the day and just for the one kid.

But for now, we'll just keep to ourselves. And watch exorbitant amounts of television. And keep the saltine company in business...

Oh, but hey, Joshua is home!!!!!!! He made it in just in time to tuck in the kids and say prayers. We are so glad he is here!!!

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So Sorry!!