Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nap Time

Nap Time is a sacred time of day in any house full of Littles. It is a time for mommy's to sit back and relax and catch their breath from the AM Crazy and prep for the PM Crazy. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it's all bad, I am just saying that, at our house, it is Crazy.

If you are a lazy smart Mama, like myself, you take full advantage of this time to do things for yourself. Considering I am doing the Bible in 90 Day Challenge, this time is recently utilized by reading. I am frequently found with my laptop, occasionally vegged out in front of the television, tooling around in the sewing room, or my favorite, taking a nap with one of the kids!

It's really quite a treat for me. Not the nap so much as getting the one on one special time with whichever child I am with. I get to see parts of personalities that I don't get to see when we are all awake and flying every which way. I am allowed a glimpse into their mind, and get to hear their heart.

With Thomas, we are generally quiet. He snuggles up close and relaxes. When we wake up, he is loving and sweet. He tells me he loves me and how pretty he thinks I am. He then starts asking how things work and why. After he tires of questions and answers, he looks at me and asks for food.

Sarah Grace is polar opposite. She will lay close to me, but not really snuggle until she gets all the words out of her system. She asks incredibly deep questions to be so young. Usually about Jesus and Heaven and Satan and Hell. She is very inquisitive and wants specifics. We spend quite a bit of time chatting before I finally pull her in close and tell her that it's time to rest and we can talk more when we wake up. She holds me to it, too. I think the first question comes out of her mouth before her eyes open!

Elizabeth, our Sunshine, tends to lay facing me and watches me with her big, beautiful eyes. She rarely speaks, but seems to search my face as if memorizing it. I gaze right back at her until she breaks into a smile, perhaps even letting a giggle or two slip out. Then we go through several minutes of me closing my eyes for a few moments, then opening them to see if she is closing hers yet. Each time I check, if she isn't resting yet, she smiles around the thumb in her mouth and clutches her blanket tightly. We can go on like this for half an hour or better before I finally open my eyes and hers are closed.

Anna prefers to sleep in her own bed with her blanket and her Angel Baby. She will eventually graduate into the rotation, and I am eager to find out what she will be like.

Each of them are so very different. So very mine. Each of them make me smile and my heart swells with love.

And I am happy.

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The Farmer Files said...

I wish mine would be snugglers...but they are like slumber party sleep...all talk!!