Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter-ish Weather

Alabama seems to be borrowing cold air from somewhere. I wish we would send it back. Perhaps our Boys in California will bring home some warmth and a win when they head back this direction...

Sorry. I don't normally stray into the sports arena on this blog, but this is the National Championship.

Okay. Done with the sports.

The Big Snow that has been warned about all week? It hasn't materialized. My kids waited all day for enough snow to stack up to make a snowman. They had visions of Frosty and had talked about the specific attire for their Icy Friend.

If you have lived in Alabama for a winter or two, you know that this kind of snow only happens every once in a blue moon. And this wasn't our blue moon.

Finally, after keeping them at bay all day long, I cut them loose to get dressed and go out in the sludge. Partially because what kind of Mama would I be if I withheld snow play from my kids and partially because Joshua was here to monitor them from the cold side of the windows.

The girls had been running around in dresses all day so when they asked to go out, I told them they could if they could get themselves dressed to go out. Sarah Grace donned 3 pair of pants (two of them flannel lined) and stacked three shirts over her dress. Then her scarf, gloves, hat, and coat. Oh, and cowgirl boots. Because she goes few places without her beloved cowgirl boots.

Elizabeth slipped on a pair of pants, a set of gloves, a hat, her jacket and her Favorite Boots Ever. She lasted for almost fifteen minutes before she declared it 'too cold to pway in dat snow'.

Thomas and Sarah Grace worked hard to scrape enough snow together to make a snowman that stood almost eighteen inches high. They actually managed to drive a carrot into the top ball of his body so he would have a nose.

I even dragged myself outside long enough to lob a couple of mini snowballs!


Here's our little Bama-Fan-For-The-Night about the middle of the third quarter...

My favorite phrase of the night?

'I wish Alabama would just DO A TOUCHDOWN. I like that part.'

And Bama fans around the world said 'Amen.'

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liz said...

Awww, super cute! I hope they enjoyed the snow. I have about 8" I could let them borrow. =)

Roll Tide!