Monday, January 04, 2010

A Monday...Funny?

Sarah Grace, Thomas, and Elizabeth were horsing around and being silly this afternoon. There was no structured game going, just a lot of general goofiness. My mind was on the incredibly unhappy Anna and, though my ears were open for signs of displeasure from the older three, I was not tightly tuned into what they were up to.

"Thomas, I am the bosser this time."

"No! I want to be the bosser!"

"No! I am. It's my turn."

*Grunt, groan, grunt, grunt*

"I am the bosser and you are the worker. I just passed gas on you!"

My head whipped around and saw Sarah Grace standing on top of Thomas, grinning. Elizabeth was laughing and Thomas was struggling to get free, while telling Sarah Grace how bad she smelled.

Yep...ladies of the most genteel order, that is what I am raising.


The Bouldins said...

Little ladies :) I'll think of something funnier to say once I stop giggling. (So it may be a few days.)

missi said...

Oh I feel so much better about the ladies being brought up in our home now! =D

The Farmer Files said...


Anonymous said...

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