Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look Away!! This Post Is About Children And Sharp Objects!

Dear Mom,

Please leave now. That way you can claim ignorance when 'they' come after me.

Your Daughter


For the rest of you fine folks, understand that this post is not for the faint of heart. There was no blood involved, just a Mommy caving into the pleas of my preschoolers to be helpers, albeit with much hesitation on my part.

The day dragged long and the children were feeling a bit pent up. I finally got everyone down for a nap, including me. When they started waking up, the two older girls found me in the kitchen making half-hearted preparations for dinner. I was pulling out veggies to rinse and cut up, thinking it might save my sanity at the witching hour.

As I got set up to begin, Sarah Grace entered and begged to be allowed to help. I assigned her the task of rinsing. It was not enough. She wanted in on the heavy action. So I handed her the veggie peeler and set her to work on the carrots. She had just found her groove when Elizabeth entered the kitchen.

I tried to convince Elizabeth that simply putting the chopped carrots into the bowl would be of great service to me, but she wasn't biting. I finally handed the two year old a knife.

Re-read that last sentence a couple of times. Let it sink in. Make sure you absorb the full impact of what I just admitted to.

I gave my two year old an instrument sharp enough to do bodily damage with. Sharp enough to mutilate with. To the TWO. YEAR. OLD.

I am nothing if not ripe for the asylum.

To their credit, they handled the sharp objects with grace and ease. Probably better than I usually do, really. But my heart was thudding along as I stood over them and directed.

However, I did step away for just a moment to be sure that I could catch this all on film. Or a memory card. Whatever. And I took the knife with me. I totally gave it back to her for the photo op, though.