Monday, September 28, 2009

The Day Star Shines Again!

I have made mention of the rain recently, I know. You have to understand that soccer has been rained out for three, maybe four games now, the parade was rained out, our Saturdays have been rained out, and I have long since resorted to sending my children out to play in the rain and the mud.

Because a house can only hold so much pent up energy before it bursts at the seams.

However, yesterday, a strange thing happened. The sun came out! It was gorgeous! I sat in church and prayed that the beautiful weather would hold out all day long so that we could get the kids outside and all enjoy it. The Lord heard my plea and the day proceeded on in it's beautiful glory!

As soon as church was over, we hurriedly changed clothes and took off to eat some lunch. Then we hauled ourselves over to Bridge Street and moseyed around until the kids could not longer stand up straight because they were so tired. At that point, we infused them with ice cream from Maggie Moos in hopes of them being able to walk themselves back to the car. It worked!

We tried for a cute All Four Kids Smiling Shot, but these were what we wound up with before the real threat of Thomas letting Anna slip out of his arms made this Mommy call it quits!

And then they slept soundly.

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Stacia said...

Um, when did Anna get so big. I was thinking Elizabeth can't be that little but surely that isn't Anna. Your kids got big. Glad to see you out on a sunny day. We are happy the rain is gone too.