Sunday, October 26, 2008

Five And Counting...

I have been looking forward to this weekend for months. You see, Joshua and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Yay, go, five years! We had originally planned to take some time back in September and get away for a few days at the beach, but alas, that was not to be. So we settled for having the entirety of Saturday, our actual anniversary, to ourselves. It may sound boring to some of you folks, but we carried ourselves off to Bridge Street in Huntsville. A place that has been open for I don't know how long, but I haven't been for various reasons. We poked around the different stores, had a wonderful snack at Maggie Moo's, saw a movie, then had dinner. And came home. Because I am seven plus months pregnant and I was wiped out.

As fate would have it, we will be getting those few days together in celebration of our anniversary. Just not as we would have planned. You see, after our wonderful all-day-date on Saturday, I wound up being violently sick all night. After nearly eight hours of losing fluids, Joshua packed me up and carted me off to the ER. Where we spent seven hours of our lives in a small room while IV fluids brought me back to life. Oh, and some anti-nausea drugs. Good stuff.

But that is not where the anniversary adventure is to end. Oh, no. Tomorrow? I have to go see my OB, as directed by the ER doc (whose wife just happens to have the same OB as me, how cool is that?). Because of my delicate nature, Joshua is taking the day off to take me to the doctor and get the all clear that Baby Anna is doing okay.

There you have it. The enchanting tale of our 5 year anniversary. At least Saturday was good!

Us, about May 2000.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Look at you sweet little things. So sorry you were sick, but glad you got some "quality time" together. And I'd love to dwell on the fact that you have a Maggie Moo's and that will be one of our stops the next time I come, but I'm still a little queasy for you. So I'll think about it later. happy anniversary!

The Bouldins said...

That sounds like an awesome anniversary celebration. Minus the puking and ER visit. Congratulations!