Monday, March 02, 2009


Due to the fact that Alabama rarely gets snow, lots of outdoor winter apparel is not something I waste a lot of effort on. The kids get winter weight coats and we keep a handful of sock hats on hand. Gloves/mittens are hit or miss, and scarves are decorative. Snow suits are simply not on the radar.

This being said, you should know that as I was on my way home from our visit with VitaFam last week, I realized that I had left the kids coats at their house!!! Since we meet up for a few minutes each week though, I decided not to worry. It had been in the 60's that day. My kids could last a week with out their heavy coats.

And then it snowed on Sunday.

Two days before I would see the VitaFam again! And that, my dear friends, is why we were left scrounging around looking for coats Sunday morning. Well, coats and a lot of other make-shift winter wear.

Fortunately (?!?!?), I am often forgetful. I had scored a coat of decent weight at a yard-sale over the summer for Thomas. For a quarter, it was ours. Then I forgot about it and bought him one at the consignment sale. It is great to have it as having two allows one to be a 'nicer' coat and one to be a 'play' coat.

So Thomas was covered. We dredged up one of his old coats for Sarah Grace, then turned to the well loved Carhartt for Elizabeth. Not exactly feminine in color or appearance, but warm.

Then we added odds and ends scarves and sock hats and mittens. Thomas still opted to wear his cowboy hat over his sock hat and the hood of his jacket, but then allowed the snowman to wear the cowboy hat for a short time.

To Sarah Grace's dismay, the boots that Thomas wore last year fit her nicely. She was the only child with proper footwear, despite the fact that she was unreserved in sharing her utter discontentment over wearing the shoes. Thomas went out in his flimsy play shoes and Elizabeth in her Keds. To help keep moisture from getting to their feet, we tied plastic bags around Thomas and Elizabeth's feet. Not quite duct tape, but Southern-riggin' nonetheless.

Thomas had on his very own clothes. Sarah Grace had on most of her very own clothes. But little Elizabeth felt the hand-me-downess that goes along with being the third child. The only thing that child had on that was hers, originally hers and had never belonged anyone else, was her diaper.

And the plastic bags, if you would like to credit those to her account.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

We'll get those coats back to you... just in time for the warm weather.

Deeapaulitan said...

Ummmm - - weren't you just trying to get me to move there because of how warm it always is - even in winter???

Aubrey said...

Deea, dear, it is warm here. Snow on Sunday, short sleeves today! We get the good kind of snow: the kinds that comes down nice and pretty and throws the South into a tailspin for 24 hours then is gone. I still have strong convictions that you should move to the South Land. ;)