Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lest We Forget Silver Linings

I have mentioned before the fact that this blog is my scrapbook equivalent. Things I post on here are generally for posterity, or perhaps just documenting some rant that I am on. Occasionally I participate in give-away or carnival type stuff. At times I will post something that has nothing to do with me or my family, but made me smile, so I shared. But for the most part, this here little piece of cyber-space is dedicated to the sweet and chaotic times that we are living and loving.

Except for those days where I am not loving it so much. Days like yesterday that I would really rather just not remember. The kids were crabby. Argumentative. Whiny. Tired. Irritable. Squealy. Dramatic. Fretful. Mean.

It was one of those days that regardless of the approach we took to managing our emotions, we were all basket cases. All five of us. Nothing says 'forget a day' like four crank-pot kids and one crank-pot Mommy.

However, when we sat down for our family devotion just before bedtime, things leveled out. The two older girls curled up in Joshua's lap, Thomas sprawled out in my lap, and we settled in for a few moments of study. Nothing was particularly different last night about 'story time' as the kids call it.

That was what made it so special. The fact that the Lord blesses our efforts in teaching our children about Him and His love. That He guards our time as a family each evening. And that sweetness is what makes every day special and worth remembering.

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Deeapaulitan said...

I remember these times so vivdly with our own kids, Aubrey. God DOES honor the time you take to teach and train in the way they should go. Don't let go of that truth for even a moment. He is faithful to complete the good work.
Bless you, little mama. You are going to reap a great reward for your love and perseverance!