Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And Now You Shall Know...

...The rest of the story. (You need to read that in order to understand all the references in this post. Don't say I didn't tell you!)

While Lora was giving blood and having her pulse taken and her blood pressure checked and going on about her life story, I sat in the living room watching Ellen and Elizabeth, nursing Anna, and occasionally glancing out the windows to do a quick head count of the 'older' five kids.

Most folks mean their seven and eight year olds when referring to the 'older' kids. Or even teenagers. On this blog, it refers to the three and four year olds. But one day, they will be seven and eight...

But I can't think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Andrew was assisting with Lora and waltzing around with little Willa (read, giving me a bit of privacy in the wide open space of the living room to nurse Anna).

At one point, probably about the time Lora was receiving the news of her 'cool' blood pressure, I looked outside to see one of the twins standing on the ground and bouncing a rake on the trampoline trying to 'catch' one of the other three boys who were jumping merrily about.

This raised my blood pressure, I am sure.

But the next scene took my breath away.

The boy in question took aim with that garden rake, and time slowed down as he javelined that rake across the trampoline.

My mouth opened and my mind started spinning. Did I holler at Andrew and risk flashing him with my less than skilled art of nursing? Maybe a hole in one of the kids heads would be a good lesson for all those little boys out there. Hmmm...

You realize this all happened in a few nano-seconds. It's not like anybody could have stopped the rake in mid-flight.

Mercifully, our boys seem to be skilled in the moves of Matrix and no one was hurt.

But had that nurse been checking on me, there would have been no 'cool' to it at all.


HisTreasuredPossession said...

I'm just laughing!! If I could see all the "stuff" that goes on when I'm not looking, there'd be no 108/73 (my BP from my appt yesterday) for me. Ha! So glad to know the "rest of the story!!"

Angel Yarbrough said...

"Less than skillful art of nursing" you say. At least you have practice! I'm sure I've flashed almost everyone I know. They have all just been too polite (or petrified) to acknowlege it:)