Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Road To Two

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It was April. I am sure that April is a beautiful place in many areas, but April in Northeast Alabama is truly lovely. The riot of colors that are wriggling their way out into the open bring about a certain excitement and hope and promise of new things to come. The UAH campus was no exception in 1998. While still early in the spring, is was a pretty warm year and students were finding all sorts of things to keep themselves occupied in the out-of-doors.

A personal favorite of mine was strolling around with a friend or two at night after things had calmed down for the day. One particular night, I was joined by Joshua and another young man. We walked and talked and laughed and joked our way all over campus. We stopped to, um, admire the current artistry near the arts building. We weaved in and out between the buildings. We sat in the grass to chat. We sat on the sidewalks to chat. We even had a short lived game of hide and go seek. Because we were mature like that!

As we traipsed across the street back to the BSU, my mind was a whirl of thoughts and emotions. I knew I really liked Joshua, and though I had not the first inkling of what he might be thinking, I did something that I still can't believe I did. (understatement of my life)

We all got in our cars to go our separate ways. I fell into my seat and prayed. Hard. I was trying to align my heart and my mind, and was failing miserably. I just couldn't shake the feeling that said, 'Now. Now is the time.'

I glanced up in my rear view mirror, hoping to see the parking lot behind me empty and surprised myself by the relief I felt when I noted Joshua's truck still parked back there. I got out of my car, walked quickly, oh so quickly, so as not to lose my nerve, to his truck and got his attention.

I wish I could tell you exactly what it was that I said. But I don't remember. I just remember letting him know that I was interested in more that just a friendship. Then standing there.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

My heart was in my throat, and I was embarrassed. Here I had just revealed myself to this guy, and he had the nerve to sit there and not say anything. He just looked shocked for a second, then turned away from me. And I stood there. Thinking the worst.

Joshua says: I was shocked because Aubrey had spent several minutes earlier conversing with me and another guy (not the one who walked with us, though) - telling us about this guy she liked, that she didn't know for sure how to handle it, etc...

What she said was, "You know, I was talking about you tonight."

And I did say something (after gathering my own wits). I said, "I don't know whether I'm ready for this or not, but I'd sure like to try."

My heart was pounding so hard it is a miracle that I didn't just die right then and there of some accelerated heart related health disaster. I finally had the thought that since he wasn't saying anything, my feelings must have been one sided. I gathered up what 'firecracker' spunk I could, and was just about to walk away when he reached out and hugged me. Tightly. And kissed my neck. Just once.

Joshua says: OK, before you all accuse me of necking on a not-even-first-date, it was truly just one of those awkward situations in which I just kissed what was next to my face. Chastely.

And my knees turned to jelly. I could have melted into the ground, were it not for that tight hug and the happiness in my heart.

And there you have it. We were almost inseparable from there on out. That was just over ten years ago, and if you want the honest to goodness truth of it, he can still make my legs do that whole rubbery thing.


Lora Lynn said...

Holy cow. The things you learn about your friends when they blog.

You brave thing, you.

We're awfully glad you worked up the nerve.

Aubrey said...

You know, I had managed to forget the conversation that Joshua refers to. As soon as I read his comments, I really wondered how I managed to forget, but he's right.

And about the chaste part, too. I shoulda made that clearer...