Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Road To Two

I won't tell you I spent the entire holiday break wondering what Joshua was up to. In fact, I was rather preoccupied with whatever else my life consisted of at the time. He did cross my mind from time to time, sending me into that warm, tingly feeling one is prone to during a crush. I managed to discard it for the most part and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Somehow, I wound up not really getting back over to the BSC until the very end of January. And when I did, I didn't see Joshua for a while. We kept managing to miss each other. I chalk that up to God, as well. About the time we finally finished the book in our Sunday School class, I ran into Joshua. For me, things get real blurry at this point.

Another big thing that was going on back in those days was this Christian coffee house that a friend of mine was helping to get up and going. They hosted Christian concerts on the weekends and provided a fun atmosphere for the college age kids to hang out in during the week. They also hosted a Bible study one night a week. A study that Joshua and I were both a part of.

And so began a time of more interaction and better getting to know one another. We started talking late into the nights, joining the same groups for food runs, and the harassment began to subside. A little. It was a sweet time in my life. I had this growing peace about who Joshua was and the role I desired him to play in my life.

Over the next couple of months, I worked through some of the lingering issues I had, but still remained guarded around Joshua. I knew it just wasn't time for 'us' yet.

Then there was that whole issue of me not knowing what he thought about me.

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