Monday, June 23, 2008

The Road To Two

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I was not a college girl. I kept trying, and while my grades were decent, my heart just wasn't in it. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. However, I did manage to find my way to the Baptist Student Center (the same one that LL over at Vita Familiae mentioned). While she showed up in August, I didn't make my debut until October.

I wasn't there seeking guys, though the place was overflowing with them and had a shortage on girls, by comparison, anyway. I was a brand spanking new Christian seeking other folks my age who shared my beliefs. You know, iron sharpens iron. I wasn't as shy back then as I tend to be now, oddly enough. We still don't know what happened, but I did become sort of a wall flower at some point in the last twelve years.

I was tagging along after a girl friend who had brought me along with her, and she was busily introducing me to this huge gaggle of people. However, she did not introduce me to Joshua. I noticed him all by myself. He was the incredibly cute guy that played the keyboard that night during worship.

Yes, he caught my attention. But I was still carrying some baggage from a previous relationship, so I was in no shape to seek his attention. So I sang the songs, enjoyed the atmosphere and kept my observations about the keyboard player all to myself.

The following week, I went back to the BSC for more fellowship and, if the truth be told, another glimpse of the keyboard player, whose name I didn't know yet. Alas, he was not the regular keyboard player back in those days, and was a little harder for me to find. When I did spot him in the group of people (a group of people who were singing praise songs while my eyes roamed) my pulse quickened, just a bit. And I laughed inside my head. I knew nothing about this guy other than the fact that he had some music skills.

I left again that night, not knowing what his name was, and fine with that. I really didn't have the heart to put into a real relationship, but I also labored under the delusion that dating Christian guys must be better than dating non-believers. As I slowly worked my way through three or four, shall we say, unintended young men, I was discouraged to find that I was never fully myself and at ease with them. I was quickly becoming convinced that dating a person to get to know them was not the way I wanted to deal with things. Much better to befriend the person first, date later.

A completely novel concept to my way of thinking.


Lora Lynn said...

Oooo, this is good. I don't know all this. I know I was there, but I was, um, a bit distracted. Cuz it is all about me. :-)

Aren't you supposed to be closing today?

Anonymous said...

OOooohhhh! How sweet!