Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lizzy Lingo

Elizabeth is 14 months old, and has an amazing vocabulary. I remember Thomas didn't use words until Sarah Grace started talking. Sure, Mamma, Daddy, and another one or two, but I think the majority of the family believed that Thomas would never learn to talk and that Sarah Grace would do all his communicating for him.

Never fear, that is not how it worked out. They are both very verbal.

And now, Elizabeth is adding her two cents in more and more often. So, like a lot of you, since this is the best record I keep of our family and their achievements, here is Elizabeth's list of often used words.

Mommy, Mamma, Momma


Nanny (Granny, Joshua's mom)

Mimi - interchangeable for my Mom and my Grandmother


No! (screeched loudly and assertively most of the time)

Oh, deh! (Oh, dear - usually when she falls down or tosses something down the steps/out of the crib/over the side of her high chair, etc.)

Tah! (Stop! Used in place of No! when she is really frustrated)

Goooo (means go outside or what she calls the dog, because we are always telling the dog to go, get out!)

Acie - I am pretty sure this means Gracie, our pet name for Sarah Grace. She has only uttered it a time or two.

Talkative little thing, isn't she? And that doesn't include her sign language for more, please, down, all done. Not that we are proud of her or anything!

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The Bouldins said...

Heh. We've been wondering if Dax will be teaching Julia how to talk so I like hearing that it'll probably even out.