Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another First

We decided to enroll the kids in a Mother's Morning Out Program over the summer. They go one day a week for about 6 hours. We have really been talking this up for the past week, and today finally got here.

Thomas found it hard to go to sleep last night, so great was his excitement! Incidentally, it took him a few minutes longer this morning to decide to get out of his bed. Once he made the decision to move, however, he was full steam ahead. He dressed himself in record time, brushed his teeth then dashed up the stairs for breakfast.

Sarah Grace was just finishing breakfast when we came up and I managed to get her to quit bouncing around just long enough to get her clothes on her and her hair tossed up.

Then the real excitement began. Joshua was hooking up a flat-bed trailer to his truck to haul it all to Huntsville. The kids lost all interest in school. They just wanted to be outside 'helping' Daddy with the trailer.

We wound up leaving before Joshua was done and both kids were somewhat dismayed that they couldn't watch the trailer drive away. Once we got good and out of sight of the house, though, the questions started rolling.

"What will we do?'

"Will we get to go outside?"

"Can we eat our lunch now?"

"Do I have to take a nap?"

"Do we get to play on the playground?"

"Who is my teacher?"

"Do you know her?"

"Can I color?"

"Can I play outside?"

"Will we get to go outside?"

Do you see what the major concern was? Mostly, they just wanted to play outside on the playground. And eat their lunch out of their lunch boxes!

We got to the church and found their classrooms just fine. Thomas stood at the doorway peeking around for about a minute debating to go or not to go, then dashed in and started playing in the Play-Doh with another little boy. He did manage to extract himself long enough to give me a hug and a kiss good-bye.

Sarah Grace had no qualms. She waltzed into her room and took over the kitchen area. When I called good-bye to her, she didn't so much as throw a glance over her shoulder. Her hand waved half heartedly in the air, letting me know she was quite absorbed in her work.

And now I am home, with Elizabeth napping and me wondering what to do with the stillness of the house!

Here are a couple of First Day of School shots...notice the distractedness in their eyes, especially Thomas. He was watching Daddy deal with the trailer!

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Amy said...

What cute pictures and how exciting for all of you! I know they will love school!