Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Schooling The Boys

The highlight of our day was late this afternoon when the doorbell rang. Granny and the kids went to answer it and were greeted by three or four high school football players wearing their jerseys. They were peddling some discount card as a fund raiser. Granny decided to purchase one (it had a buy one get one free on ice cream cones that could be used once per day for the next year!) and stepped away to go find her purse. Sarah Grace had heard Thomas' slightly awed announcement that these were ball players, so she seized the opportunity.

'Dis is my Cwifford ball,' she called to them as she grabbed up her ball and ran towards the door with it.

To their credit, the boys were sufficiently impressed. 'Wow,' said one. 'A Clifford ball. Cool. Clifford is the man!'

'No he's not,' declared Thomas. 'He's a dog!'


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MeesheMama said...

*chuckle chuckle*

Aunt Kim said...

That's my nephew! So assertive! Love it!