Saturday, May 17, 2008

Granny's Shiner

Sarah Grace and Elizabeth sleep in the room just across the hall from Granny. Often times, Sarah Grace will wake up and skip over and crawl up in bed with Granny and read her books. I hear that sometimes Granny reads books, too. One particular morning, however, reading was apparently to tame a sport for these two. The story is foggy, but the end result was this:

I heard something about tickling and giggling, I think. And I know I heard something about Sarah Grace's hard head banging into Granny's eye. Much to Granny's credit, she is still smiling. See? =)


Anonymous said...

Zigged when you should have zagged, Granny!


Lora Lynn said...

Yea, figures it'd be Sarah Grace. She strikes me as the fighter in the crowd. :-)