Monday, May 12, 2008


Did I mention that Elizabeth is walking? She gets better and better every day. I don't remember being able to so easily see the improvement in the other two. It's been that way. I am relatively comfortable with the whole Mothering thing now. At least, anyway, I am not scared of breaking the kid or doing something horrendously wrong. I have been able to sit back and enjoy Elizabeth's accomplishments more. Perhaps not a literal 'sit back', but you know what I mean.

So, Elizabeth, in all her gusto to be a better walker, spends much of her time getting back up from the adorable bottom falls that new walkers do and persevering at this two legged moving thing. And she is proud of herself. Her little legs unsteadily stomp from one step to the next, her arms all Frankenstein-like to help her maintain balance. Crawling is relegated only for just before nap, when she crawls around after me as I get her bottle ready and she cries tiredly.

My favorite, though, is between lunch and nap time. She will toddle around, bringing me things that she can carry now that her hands are freed up for such things. I get used tissues from the office trash can, magnets from the fridge, pieces of string that were caught up in the carpet, odds and ends toys that she deems Mommy worthy. And smiles. Oh, at the wonderfully sweet smiles. And the jabbering. And as she tires out, she walks over to me, lays her head on my leg, looks big eyed at me, and says 'Mamma, Mamma, Mommeeeee'. Then she sticks her left ring and middle fingers in her mouth and just rests on my leg until I pick her up. Then she rests her head against my chest and snuggles.

Sweetness defined, that is what that is.

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Valerie said...

I can just picture this precious picture. Enjoy these moments because they flee away very quickly.