Monday, May 19, 2008

Just An FYI

I have considered changing the quote in the Quotable Quotes section for a few months now. But I can't. It is just so true. So I am thinking about adopting a new strategy over there. You probably have no cares about that, but I felt the need to share with you. As for the strategy, well, maybe after the baby comes, I will have a brain to think with. Until then, c'est la vie.

And I also feel you need to know this. It is 8:43 AM on Monday and I would rather be in bed. And with that in mind, I am going to go get everyone ready for a chiropractor visit. Yip-skip!


The Bouldins said...

I love that quote. If you take it off, warn me a bit beforehand so I'll have a specific deadline to write it down. I keep planning to do it "next time" Heh.

Tim said...

I like the quote, too. Maybe, since it says "quotes," you could have two. One that changes and one that doesn't.

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