Monday, May 19, 2008

Folks I Can't Wait To Talk To

We all, I would think, have that one person we can't wait to interview when we reach the other side of Heaven's Gates. Jonah, Moses, Noah, David to name a few. I often wonder if it will matter once we are there, getting the details on the stories of these men's lives, or if we will be so busy worshiping God in such a new and special way that thoughts of our Bible heroes fall to the wayside.

Given the season of my life I am in, the kids and the business of being a Mom and the seeking to be the best Mom I can be, my thoughts often turn to Mary. I mean seriously, there was a woman with a daunting title. The Savior's Mother. I get normal kids, who are great in their own right, but let's face facts: they are not destined to be the Saving Grace of the world!

I wonder how it was for Mary. What kinds of fears and burdens did she carry? What kind of joys did she experience? And how did she not have a stomach ulcer from knowing that she was mothering Christ?

And then, there is Jesus Himself. I know where He was born. I know who His earthly parents were. I know He was visited at His birth by kings and shepherds. I know at age 12, he 'wandered off from' His parents and went about His Father's work in the temple. But you know what is missing? Those all important toddler years. Those formative years of language, learning, physical development that are such wonderful blogging fodder for so many of us. What kind of baby was He? When did He first sleep through the night? Was He a picky eater? Was teething the kind of trial that leaves so many Mom's yanking at their hair? How old was He when He learned to crawl? Walk? How 'bout that potty training bit? Did He catch on right away, or did He dawdle about it? Did Mary sing Him to sleep at night? Did He have favorite songs? What kind of games did He play? What was His first word? Did He run to His Mommy when He skinned His knee? Did He skin his knee? Did He miss the target when He was learning to wield a hammer and squash His thumb? Did He climb trees and run about and dig for worms and bugs and other yucky stuff?

Yeah, Mary, I have some questions for you. Your Son was perfect, but what does that mean when referring to those early years of His life? I am so curious. I so know that in the big picture, it doesn't matter. But my days are full of these kinds of discoveries and achievements. I just know?


The Bouldins said...

I was thinking about that just yesterday when Dax threw up all over my clothes for the second time that morning. "Did Jesus' Mommy ever have to go through this?" Heh. She'll probably be the most popular person there with the Mama crowd.

Anonymous said...

I wanna have a talk w/ Eve.