Monday, May 12, 2008

Lasterday - noun - the day preceding this day

Of course, that would be a Freeman child phrase. Sarah Grace, to be exact. And let me tell you about our Lasterday. It was Mother's Day! My boys presented me with flowers and cards and chocolates Saturday evening, so I was set for the day.

However, we didn't count on the storms that kept Joshua up late monitoring the weather so that his family could sleep. I vaguely remember waking at some odd hour of the wee morning and realizing that a) there was a storm that was shaking the house nearly, and b) Joshua wasn't in bed yet. But I rolled back over and went back to sleep, knowing that he was on top of things and that if we needed to do something, he would make sure we woke up to do it.

That being said, we got a bit of a late start Sunday morning. In fact, we left the house half an hour late, and were equally as late for Sunday School. But alls well that ends well, yes? Our service was great. We studied these three little verses that I have skimmed over several times and thought, so? How did that get mentioned? But with our Associate Pastor's insight and studying, he brought to life the lady named Anna that was mentioned ever so briefly in that passage. Suffice it to say, Anna has been on my mind the past 24 hours. I am not done with her yet.

After church, my family took me to eat at O'Charleys, from where I was craving a particular dish. After a twenty minute wait with sleepy children, we were seated, and in relatively short order, our food brought out to us. Three bites into my beloved dish, and my belly told me I was done. DUN. No more. Stop now. Or else.

So, I did. And I asked for a to go box.

Then, we did what any self-respecting family does on a Sunday afternoon...we napped. All of us, for two solid hours. Mmmmm....sleep....

We went back to church after our lovely nap and sampled the fruits of the men's labors and they competed in the Men's Bake Off. I thought it was lovely. Tables full of desserts for me to eat from, what could be better?

I had been asked to sit on a panel of Mom's from different stages of life, and while I was very nervous about it, I think it went well. Thanks to the cherry cream pie that was in my belly! It was an interesting evening, and it was so good to hear what the older Mom's had to share about their experiences and current trials. (In case you are wondering, I represented the Mommy of young families. Ha! Imagine!)

Truthfully, I wished there had been more time and that I could have heard more of what the other ladies had to say. It is always so good to hear from faith-strong women and what is on their hearts. I am very thankful for all the Mom's that have been put in my life. I rarely feel suitable for the challenge of being a Mother, but through the Lord's grace, I am making it one day at a time.


The Bouldins said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

The nap really sent your celebration over the top.

Lora Lynn said...


happy mom's day.

Anonymous said...

From the heart--I love you, little girl!


Anonymous said...


Your words on Sunday night were appreciated. I enjoyed your comments, as well as the others. You're one of the "faith-strong women" who inspires me, as well.