Tuesday, April 08, 2008

100 Things About Me...

A bloggy meme.  Thanks, Laura!!

1. I was born in Yokosuka, Japan (military brat) on September 8, 1978
2. The Japanese people considered it good luck to touch me, with my fair skin and red hair.
3. We moved to Exmouth, Australia and I don't know how old I was.
4. I remember going shopping for a lunch box one night and seeing kangaroos on the way there.
5. Then we moved to Mississippi and I don't know how old I was.
6. I have two sisters: Amy (25) and Kimberly (20)
7. I still maintain that I would have made a great only child. Yes??
8. I used to tell my sister Amy that the concoctions I made up in the bath tub from soapy water and shampoo were really yummy to drink. She fell for it every time.
9. I eventually was caught by my mom, and it wasn't pretty. Those drinks were not very good. I know, she made me drink the one I had prepped for Amy.
10. I haven't mixed drinks since.
11. Although I was never much good at it, I played softball from about age 6 until 15 and loved it
12. My friend Bobbie tried to teach me to water ski when we were in about 8th grade.
13. I still don't water ski.
14. I managed to befriend a girl who was a bigger tomboy than I was when we were in 6th grade, and because of Melissa, I learned to play football, roll yards,make chocolate chip cookies, and take rides on impossible rope swings. Which she will tell you I always failed at. And she would be right.
15. We moved to Scottsboro when I was in 3rd grade. It was a very memorable year. Ask me about it in person. It's a good story. But not one for public domain.
16. I received my first paddling that year.
17. It was not to be my last. That one came in 5th grade. After that I don't think it was considered Kosher to paddle children in the public school system any longer.
18. I am not a risk taker or a real trouble maker (despite what you may now think)
19. As a Senior, I opened a box that had been left at my friend Caleb's house. It was a party, and late at night. The box was suspicious. It had a dead skunk in it.
20. I no longer open boxes arbitrarily.
21. I was in band in high school, and I loved it. And yes, we had band camp.
22. I do not tan. I freckle. In fact, after band camp, when all my friends had tans to their sock lines, I had freckle lines.
23. My first job was at Burger King. I loved it. Except for the smell of grease. But the crew was fun and the work was so easy.
24. I worked at Wal Mart for about two years. I loved working that kind of retail. Never a dull moment.
25. I worked at Shoney's as a waitress. I hate waitressing. Never a dull moment.
26. I graduated from Scottsboro High School in May of 1996.
27.In April of that year, it snowed so much that there were rumors that we might not get to graduate on time. The class had already ordered invitations!
28. When I was 17, I totaled my Mazda before I ever made the first payment on it.
29. My favorite color is blue.
30. I sang in the choir in college.
31. I hated college.
32. So I quit.
33. I started attending West Huntsville Baptist Church in November of 1997.
34. I accepted Christ in March of 1998 and was baptized on Mothers Day.
35. I started dating the man who became my husband on April 13, 1998.
36. I worked at my church as a youth intern that summer.
37. The walls of that youth room may never recover.
38. I am no longer asked to help paint things at church.
39. I was very active with the Baptist Campus Ministries, despite the fact that I was only a student for three of the seven semesters I hung out there.
40. In 2000, I started school in Chattanooga, TN
41. In January of 2001, I became an officially licensed massage therapist.
42. I worked at a college bookstore for about a year. I loved it.
43. In September of 2001, I started teaching preschool. I loved it.
44. Just a few days later, the world as I knew it erupted and the US is still dealing with the aftermath of 9.11.2001
45. In October of 2001, one of my four year old students was killed in an apartment fire.
46. I taught at Covenant for nearly 5 years. I still love the classroom.
47. I was there when George W. Bush was sworn in the first time around.
48. My best friend and her husband managed to wrangle tickets for the four of us to attend the Christian Coalition's Inaugural Ball.
49. Charlie Daniels was one of the entertainers. Classy, eh?
50. Joshua and I were married October 25, 2003.
51. Mine was the most beautiful wedding ever. Duh.
52. I got impatient and wanted to go visit with all the guests so I told the photographer to cut it short.
53. I now have no good pictures of just the two of us on our wedding day.
54. We served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at our wedding. Oh, and chicken salad and ham salad. There were tons of left overs on the chicken and ham salads, but all the PB&J were gone.
55. At 6 am the morning after the wedding, my maid of honor, Lora, who was pregnant with twins at the time, had to bring my driver's license to the hotel so we could board our flight. She was very gracious.
56. We discovered we were pregnant at Christmas.
57. I get strep throat at the drop of a hat. Thomas should have been born a penicillin pill with all the penicillin I took while pregnant with him.
58. We didn't find out if we were having a boy or a girl. It drove people batty. I loved it!
59. I traveled nine hours to the beach in a motor home when I was seven months pregnant with Thomas.
60. I swore to never do it again.
61. Joshua Thomas Freeman was born on August 15, 2004
62. Just after Thomas was born, my car became infested with ants. We still don't know what caused this. Mine was never a food-trashed car.
63. I finally had to park the car in a garage with all the windows down while three foggers sprayed full force and did their thing.
64. I hate ants.
65. By Christmas of 2004, we knew we were expecting another baby.
66. This time, we opted to find out what we were having. A girl!
67. I quit working at the preschool in March of 2005.
68. In May, we took Thomas to the beach. I was pregnant, but not as big and the trip was much easier.
69. I agreed to substitute for the pre-K class that entire summer.
70. I was very pregnant and the air conditioner at the school was iffy at best. It was a long nine weeks.
71. Sarah Grace Freeman was born on August 5, 2005.
72. The third Christmas of our marriage was the first one I was not pregnant!
73. We bought our first house in April of 2006.
74. We discovered we were pregnant with our third child in September of 2006.
75. We again opted not to find out the gender. It's so much more fun that way!
76. Elizabeth Hope Freeman was born on April 6, 2007.
77. I like duck soup. Can you believe that?
78. I am awful at remembering people's names.
79. I didn't get to see Dirty Dancing until I was almost 20 years old.
80. My mom still doesn't believe this.
81. I love 70's and 80's music.
82. Cats are my pet of choice. I have a sixteen year old cat who lives with my Grandmother. Who managed to train the cat to sleep on a towel at the foot of her bed.
83. In the 14 years the cat lived with me, I trained her to, um... well, um... Fine. Nothing. unless you count litter training.
84. I love to be in the kitchen. Baking is an extreme favorite. Following a new recipe rates pretty high too.
85. I do not enjoy creating recipes. But I have upon occasion.
87. I love my mini-van. I always wanted a lot of kids and a mini van to tote them around in. Check!
88. I started my own business in March of 2007. I do ceramic impressions of children's hands and feet and I love it!
89. Sometimes when I am wearing my glasses, I forget that they aren't sun glasses. So when I am people watching, folks stare back.
90. That makes me feel stupid. But I just switch to sunglasses and keep people watching.
91. I love to play in the water, but am a wretched swimmer.
92. Summer, in all it's sweltering heat, is my favorite season. I suspect this will change as I continue to age, but for now, Summer rules!
93. I skipped number 86.
94. I am looking forward to turning 30 this year!
95. I don't' have much interest in traveling the world. There are places I think I would like to go, but I like home just as much as anything.
96. I have wanted to take a course in sign language for years. I think signing is a beautiful language.
97. I am still scared of the dark.
98. I hope to have more children.
99. I am really tossing out random facts now. Because the children I have are all running around behind me being silly and I can't concentrate for laughing.
100. I am happy with my life and don't think I would change anything. Each day has ups and downs, but I am learning to praise the Lord for each of them.


Lora Lynn said...

sigh. i'd say something mean but your family would probably come hunt me down and beat me. Hi Mama B.!

I was very amused by your list, even learned a thing or two. But I believe that's ten minutes of my life back that you owe me. :-)

Aubrey said...

all sales final. no refunds.

Anonymous said...

Hi L.L.

The Bouldins said...

Well. I hope there won't be a test. And here you go ...
My List

Clark and Laura Forman said...

thanks so much for sharing 100 things about yourself...i enjoyed reading and had a great time learning new things :) i didn't know you were a massage therapist??? i wish i could take advantage of that :) and i totally agree with you after doing the 100 things, i thought of another 100 i could probably write :)