Friday, April 11, 2008

Lyrically Speaking

We are driving down the road. We have heard ABCD (otherwise known as the Alphabet Song) exactly 486 times. During that specific car trip alone. Finally Sarah Grace decides to take us up on the suggestion to sing us another beautiful song. This is what we hear:

"Old AckDonald had a farm
wif a sheep sheep here
and a sheep sheep dare and dare."


"My cow barked at the horse."

I am seeing a trip to a farm in our future. You know, the normal kind. Where sheep don't dare and the horses don't have to have psychological treatment to help them recover from barking cows.


Lora Lynn said...

yea, you need to come chicken processing with us. :p

Heather said...

or let me take the kiddos on a safari...they are definitly due one Alabama Safari Trip soon! :)