Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Days Of Our Lives

Lately I find myself feeling guilty for not updating the blog. I read other blogs where the author updates sometimes more than once a day. And I find myself wondering if I just don't see the funnies and the sweetness in my children, or if I am to lazy, or possibly to busy, to sit and write it all down. I think it is some of all of the above. Our lives are passing by in a succession of days, each with it's own highlights and it's own lowlights. Each with some new something that one of the children have discovered or succeeded in doing. We aren't in a stand still, as no family ever is. I just don't get around to sharing as much as I used to.

Elizabeth will be turning one this weekend. Time has simply flown by! She is such a bundle of sunshine! She is dabbling in the art of walking, but not overly interested. Thomas and Sarah Grace cheer her on, and she will just get excited and drop down and crawl to them, laughing all the way. She has mastered the sippee cup and when she has had all she wants, tosses it over the side of her chair, looking quite pleased with herself.

Sarah Grace is maturing as well. Her speech is becoming clearer and clearer. I almost cried the other night at bedtime prayers when she referred to herself as 'Saruh Grace' rather than 'Say-wuh Gace'. She is my little lady! She recently decided that she wanted her toenails painted red like Mommy's, and she now shows them off to everybody. She also wore a necklace of mine for Easter. As I was getting ready that morning, she noticed my jewelry and asked to wear some too. I found a strand of pearls my grandfather had given me when I was seven that seemed to please both of us.

The picture of Sarah Grace was snapped by Thomas. He really does a great job with the camera. We asked him one night recently if he wanted to be a photographer and take pictures a lot like our friend Miss Heather when he grew up. He scrunched up his face and informed us that he couldn't because he was going to grow up to be a boy and Miss Heather was a girl. I can't remember if we even pursued the photography bit after that statement.

Thomas is getting more reckless with each passing day. I am holding my breath at some of the daily predicaments he finds himself in. Yesterday he discovered what happens when you swing and choose not to hold on to the ropes correctly. In his words, 'I got rocks in my mouth but I didn't eat them.' His face, however, tells me he ate it. Just not the way he was thinking. He is somewhat proud of his marked up little face.

Evenings are still a pile on Daddy event around here. Last night, he wound up being a horse. When he collapsed on the floor telling the children that they had worn the horse out and it was dead, Thomas giggling-ly replied 'But I am not done riding yet!' No rest for the weary, ya'll. None.

Over the weekend, I attempted to get all three kids to sit in quasi-state of stillness so that I could snap a picture or two of them. Here is what we wound up with. Several others were deleted due to unforeseen blurriness.



After having filled your brains with images of the adorable offspring, I will leave you with just one more kid story. Joshua has been teaching a song to Sarah Grace having to do with Jesus knocking on the door to your heart. After singing for a while the other night, Joshua asked her what she would do if Jesus knocked on her door. She considered this for a moment or two, then answered decidedly 'Well, he can sweep wif Thomas if he comes, but not wif me.'


MeesheMama said...

I think the urge (and opportunity) to blog waxes and wanes. Do what you can, no guilt. (At least is what I tell myself after days, sometimes weeks, of no new posts.) Of course, we have LL to keep up with. =) How does she do it?

I have to say, though, that your kids are beautiful, and the last story made me laugh out loud. I love it!

The Bouldins said...

Having two sets of grandparents who call and beg for pictures and posts helps keep me up to date. Plus, my neglected children have no baby books so I just pretend like I'm doing the blog instead ... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

But I love seeing pictures of your cuties and hearing the stories.

Anonymous said...

Diane has the most beautiful grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

I just have to say how honored I am to have "made it" in the blog! ;) It's also good to know that Thomas won't be my "competition" and I can keep snapping random pictures of your beautiful children!!!! ANDDDDD the day you get all 3 (or more) looking squarely at the camera with a smile then ...then.... you get a free photo session! ;)