Monday, March 03, 2008

Things I Want To Remember About Sarah Grace - Age 2.5

Sarah Grace. Now there is a sweet little girl. She is full of laughter and hugs. She is an amazing big sister to little Elizabeth and mostly patient with her. She is smart, smart, smart, learning everything that I throw out to Thomas.

She has a blanket that she would drag around with her everywhere if we would just let her. When we are home, she will wrap up in it to watch a movie, drape it over her head to be a shepherd or little red riding hood. At night, she worries us to death if she can't find her 'wittle banket' to take to bed with her, and bedtime routine goes on hold until we find that beloved pink blanket. Then she snugs down, pops her left thumb in her mouth and finds a corner of the blanket to rub between the fingers of her right hand.

Sarah Grace is 'quiet' impaired. She came into this world with an amazingly quiet whimper, but also and amazingly loud wail. She was not a fretful baby, but as she got older and learned words, we found that her inside voice is the equivalent of Thomas' outside voice. She is high pitched, excitable, and loves to talk. Just get in a car with that girl. She will talk non-stop from point A to point B, with little regard as to how many miles might be between the two. Her vocabulary is gigantic given her age, and she uses most of her words correctly. And lots. Did I mention she is a talker?

Along with her non-stop chatter is a great imagination. She will make up a story to tell you about anything. Ask her about the bear, the car seat, or breakfast. She will concoct a riveting tale on the spot. If you are really lucky, she will make up her tale in the form of a song and sing her made up melody to you.

Her favorite shoes are her Gozy Goks (Cozy Crocs, duh!) Santa, a genius if I do say so myself, got hip and brought these wonderful shoes for Christmas. She will pair them up with anything. Case in point, I had her try on her very lovely Easter dress the other day and was wondering out loud where I would get her shoes. She shouted "I can wear my Gozy Goks, Mommy!" Such enthusiasm will be hard to get around.

She is an awesome snuggle bug. She loves to bring her 'banket' and sit in my lap while I read or browse around online. She likes to be up against my side with my arm around her and her feet tucked up under her. Then she insists on kissing me several times during our snuggle time. It's so hard to be me.

She is my brave one. She will try mostly anything, with some trepidation, but will usually come out smiling and saying it was fun. Thomas will send Sarah Grace to try stuff first. Cracks me up. I have wondered if she is brave by nature or just because Thomas makes her.

Sarah Grace has these beautiful little legs that go flat out all day long. Never was there a more exhausted kid at sleep times than that girl. Honestly, she can't seem to sit still. Even if she is standing, her legs are pumping up and down, just waiting to be freed from her 'still' position and carry her off.

Her face is flushed so prettily when she wakes up, causing her lovely blue eyes to sparkle all the more. She comes out of her room all smiles and energy, ready to go and eat, then go and, well, go. Until the next sleep time.

I love to hear that girl laugh. It is infectious. She gets the giggles and then the hiccups then giggles because she has the hiccups. I love when we go somewhere to spend the night and she and Thomas wind up sharing a room. They will laugh and squeal and giggle two and three hours past bedtime. And sometimes we let them. Cause you know, then they sleep later. Then we get to sleep later.

My Momma didn't raise no fool.

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MeesheMama said...

She sounds like such a cheery little girl. This is a lovely post.