Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My ears were listening today and the ol' brain was filing better than usual. Here are some of the things my kids are saying these days...

'Your picking my leg' - That's Freeman Kid for 'Your pulling my leg'

'Mommy, my seatbelt/shoe/blanket/clothes is untaint' - Freeman kid for tangled.

'I'm a tasco!' - Freeman kid for, well, we have no idea what the word is supposed to be or exactly what it means, but it is said when they are taking their shirts off and they allow it to get 'stuck' on their heads, creating a colorful nun look.

'There's a stick in my finger' - Thomas for 'I have a hangnail'

'Can it play over and over and over again by itself?' - Freeman Kid for 'Can you put this song on repeat?'

'I used the dy-wen-ol to keen my hands!' - Sarah Grace for 'I used the hand sanitizer.' She calles it Tylenol. I have no idea why. But we have an understanding about it.

'I need some dock-it' - Sarah Grace for 'I need some chocolate'

Me too, Kita, me too.


Stacia said...

Oh to keep these years in our hearts forever. The little phrases our kids say are precious. And your kids phrases my friend are not just precious but adorable.

Lora Lynn said...

maybe it's "i'm a taco."

Sarah said...

I just found your blog randomly and wanted to tell you that I love the quote about obedience. How true it is!
Enjoy your 3--I have the same number.

Carissa said...

Totally off subject...
Have dates been set for the spring consignment sale that you and your friends were doing last fall? I have a few maternity things to consign, and I don't want to miss it!
Thanks :)

Aubrey said...


Check out

klassykidsexchange (dot) com

The dates are for April, I believe. Traci & Wendy run it, I was just helping out some.

Carissa said...

Thank you!