Saturday, March 08, 2008


The older two kids were in our bedroom at 6:30 this morning. 6:30. On a Saturday. Thomas was excited about the snow in his yard and Sarah Grace was excited about the snow in her yard. Did we have snow in our yard? They peeked out our window and confirmed that yes, indeed, we did.

It is endearing to me that the children believed that each window of the house looked out over a different yard.

Endearing or not, it was still 6:30 on a Saturday. If any of you lovely readers have children beyond the age that thinks it is appropriate to wake up that early, please comment letting me know how old they were when they grew out of the whole 'up with the sun on Saturday' mentality. I need some stats, people! Numbers!

We got up and bundled the kids up in 'winter' clothes. It has never occurred to me to purchase real gloves for the kids. Just some flimsy little things that more or less that keep the biting wind away from the sweet little digits. Let's face it, snow is a rare occurrence at best in Alabama. Back on subject, the kids had grandiose visions of snow ball fights and snow men and even a Snow Boz. They jumped and jitter bugged about as I did my best to find mittens and coats and hats and proper-ish shoes. Somehow I didn't imagine we should send them out in their Cozy Crocs.

Joshua and the kids were out in the snow by about 7 AM. They managed nearly a whole half hour before the kids proclaimed their coldness and came in to warm up with hot chocolate and waffles. They had made their snowballs, tasted the snow, and even scraped enough of the fluffy white stuff together to make a bit of a snow man!

In truth, I didn't mind getting up so early since there was so much excitement to be had. I would like to encourage them to hold off until 7, or hey, even 7:30??? You know, on normal days.

Normal? Definition, please?

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Stacia said...

My boys still get up at 5:30 in the morning. I don't know why. With the time change they got up at 6:41 this morning. Sorry I know not helpful.