Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cincinnati So Far

It is sad to say that even after the snow had been in a melting process for three days, there was still way more on the ground here than we ever saw in Alabama this year. Almost as soon as we got here, the kids were begging to go out and play in the stuff. It was in the mid-forties, making it a bit disconcerting to be playing in snow in such relatively warm weather!

The kids tromped around in snow that was about ankle deep for them, rejoicing in the tracks that they were leaving all over the place. They made snowballs, real ones! And they were not the least bit shy about throwing them at Mommy. Thomas even contemplated a snow angel, but after his bum got good and wet when he sat in the fast-melting snow, he changed his mind.

As we were sitting around yesterday morning, Sarah Grace excitedly started chattering about reindeer. I was totally at a loss until I looked towards a movement outside the window and there were two deer gracefully picking their way through the yard. When those two had made it to a treed area, two more came bounding across! The children are now positive that their cousin Deanna has the direct line to Santa Clause. You know, since his reindeer live here and all.

Last night, we went to see Donkey Ball. Got your interest yet? Well, come back tomorrow for more, folks!


Lora Lynn said...

yes, I need to see pictures of this sport that is worth a trip to Ohio. in snow.

Anonymous said...

Is that pig tails on Tom's hat?