Friday, March 14, 2008

The Post You Know You Want To Read

So, for those of you who knew what plans the week held for us, read on to satiate your curiosity. For you poor souls who have not the pleasure of hearing me in person, well, we had the supreme pleasure of attending the sporting event of the year!


We got there pretty early and saw this bunch of docile donkeys lined up outside their trailer. Thomas and Sarah Grace commented on the smell. And by the time we made it into the gymnasium, Thomas had decided he liked the smell. My little agriculturalist.

We made our way to the top of the stands and since the bleachers were still relatively empty, I allowed the kids to run around. They were thrilled to be running about and managed to find several balls that had been hit into the bleachers during gym classes. Tennis balls, different size wiffle balls, and a super ball that I made them leave alone. It was NASTY looking.

But you don't care about what the kids did during their first to a high school gymnasium, now do you? You came to read about donkeys. And basketball.

The announcer was a hoot, trying to pitch his voice above the excitement of this yearly benefit. The teams were the Juniors (in blue) and the Innocent Seniors (in orange). As the starters were announced, they each had to walk to center court and bray like a donkey, more or less on all fours, bucking their 'back feet' in the air. And woe to the poor girls who went about it shyly. They had to repeat the maneuver, and if it was still not up to the announcers standards, repeat again. And again, and even again, in once case. At last, after the team pooper scoopers had been introduced, the donkeys were brought out.

Before the game ever began...this was the scene:

Don't get me wrong, things did not improve all that much. That back scratching, lazy donkey stayed right there in his lotus position for the first several minutes of the game. Not at all inclined to get up and exercise. I can totally relate. Who wants to run around when there's lazing about to be done?

As the game progressed, I noticed the ref (who just happened to be the donkey's dedicated trainer) was giving 'mixed' signals, if you will. Donkeys, and the students who were along for the ride, would be spread about and at a yell (words that I could not make out above the laughter) the donkeys would take off trotting to the side of the court the ref was on.

Occasionally a donkey would manage to lose its student, and would make a break for it. This poor girl was a tad bit intimidated by her donkey, and spent nearly as much time chasing him as she did leading or riding him.

The game consisted to two halves, each eight minutes long. At the end of the game, the teams were tied. We went into sudden death, where the ref (not at all trying to disguise hi mischief) handed the ball off to the Innocent Seniors and continued to toss it the orange shirted kids until they managed a goal. I, of course, was cheering for my cousin Deanna's Junior class. Devoted gal that I am. But I still cheered at the end of the game. Because it was stinking hilarious, that's why!

And, since this is a family blog, I get to sneak in a picture of my children. At intermission, the time between the student's game and the faculty's game, people were invited to come out onto the court and meet the stars of the show. Who acted like the civilized animals we all know them to be. People were also invited to pet and sit on the donkeys.

At first, Thomas said he wanted to sit on a donkey and take a picture for Daddy. However, after a quick pat on the belly of one of the creatures, he changed his mind. He quickly opted to run all over the gym floor and take advantage of this place where you could run full speed and scream to your hearts content. Inside!!! Without getting in trouble!!!

They also liked shouting out the names of the letters as they walked the path of the letter. Great letters lesson there folks. Just in case you ever get the chance.

*Disclaimer - The camera man (me) had a helper (Elizabeth). If footage makes you sea sick, it is my fault. If footage shows you something that makes you laugh, Elizabeth is very advanced for her age. A pro, really.


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