Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things I Want To Remember About Thomas - Age 3.5

I very diligently filled out Thomas's baby book. Each new whatever, I made sure to make record of it. I searched long and hard to find just the right book for Sarah Grace to call her baby book. I went through about once a month and made updates, being sure to stash away sweet mementos of her fleeting babyhood. Elizabeth, well I hate to admit it, but this blog is the biggest record of her first year. I have marked a handful of things down in a notebook that I plan to transfer to her baby book, when I find one. I am picky about those little books, let me tell you. Not just anything will do. I do have, much to my credit, a very thorough photo album of each child's first year.

But things happen past that first year that I don't record. Or in poor Elizabeth's case, in/ that first year that don't have a book to be written down in. So, for the sake of my reminiscing many years down the road, I will simply jot a few notes here from time to time to remind me of the sweet times that are my days and weeks right now.

I love how he uses his vocabulary. His ever expanding vocabulary. Although it grates my nerves at the time, I think it will also be a point to remember the way he expresses himself. We stay hard on him about whining and being sure to buck up and take things like a big boy, to shake off the small pains and inconveniences. He daily, well hourly, will inform us 'I am so upset,' or 'I am so disappointed,' or 'I am so hurt.' He pulls this pitiful little face and the saddest voice you ever did hear. Twenty, thirty, forty, and more times a day I hear these phrases. (um, no, I am not exaggerating)

I also get a kick out of how he tells people that he is Joshua Thomas Freeman and his Daddy is Joshua Harrison Freeman. He tells this with great pride. He loves sharing part of his name with his Daddy. I love how he laughs and wrestles with Joshua. I laughed out loud when Joshua dangled Thomas upside down and told him he was gonna take him and put him in the trash can and Thomas said 'Nooooooo, I'm a family!'

Because everyone knows you can't throw family in the trash can, right?

I love how he prays so sincerely at every meal, nap time, and bed time. How he thanks him for naps and toys and foods and friends and places that we went and how he thanks God that Baby Jesus was born in the manger and died for us. I love how he wants to learn his Awanas verse and tell everyone he sees. I love viewing Jesus through his eyes. It is so simple and refreshing.

I don't love, but I know it will make me laugh at the thought of it one day, the way he almost always puts his clothes on backwards. Pants, shirts, underwear, heels of the sock on the top of the foot. But, his shoes are always right!

I hope he is always just as affectionate as he is right now. He will pause in the middle of playing and run over just to give me a hug and a kiss. He likes to remind us that he gives the best boy hugs. He runs into our bedroom in the morning and wants to cuddle, and I happily pull him up next to me and cuddle until he gets down down to run around and beg for breakfast.

Recently, his pop phrase is 'I never saw/ate/did that before. I love it!' Which is just funny to me. He is genuinely excited!

There are so many other little things that I will just have to learn to write down when they happen or lose them forever. So many things go on through out the day that I think to myself, Oh, don't forget that. And by bedtime it is lost in the deep trenches of my mind, no telling when it will emerge again.

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