Friday, April 20, 2007


I have to brag on my little man, Thomas. He is such an awesome brother to his two sisters. For the most part, he takes his roll as protector pretty seriously. He holds the doors for Sarah Grace, or opens them when she has managed to shut herself in a room. He remembers that ladies should be first, in everything from who is served first to who gets to have their diaper changed first. He helps Sarah Grace reach things (even the off limits things!) and opens the fridge so she can peruse the contents.

He loves little Elizabeth, too. He likes to hold her and help feed her. He croons sweet words to her if she is upset, pats her gently on the head if he passes her sitting in her bouncer, and kisses her often, saying I love you, Sweet Pea. He is also heard frequently commenting on how pretty one or both of his sisters are.

This morning, he asked to pray for his sisters, so we did. And he ended the prayer with help me to obey and be sweet to Sawuh Gwace and Ewizabeff. I wiped my not so dry eyes, praised God for the sweet spirit that He is instilling into my wonderful son, and said Amen.

Lest you think that everything is sunshine and peaches around here, Thomas promptly shoved Sarah Grace off the couch this morning. We still have far to go in our quest for making a gentleman out of him, but as my pastor says, it's progress, not perfection.


Lora Lynn said...

Not sunshine and peaches? That does it. We're not moving. ;-)

The Bouldins said...

This is a great entry and I love your pastor's sentiment at the end. I shall promptly borrow it as one of my parenting themes as our Julia's personality is beginning to emerge and I fear she may have the temper of her mother mixed with her father's stubborness! Your babies are beautiful.