Monday, April 16, 2007


Time is passing us very quickly right now. I float from one day to the next and look back and realize that little Elizabeth has been home with us for just over a week now. I praise God that we did not have to go back to the hospital with her! All three of our kids have been more highly jaundiced than the 'safe' numbers, and with Thomas and Sarah Grace both, we went home only to turn around and go back to the hospital for a few days while our babies laid in their personal 'tanning' beds. Elizabeth broke the mold. She managed to get by with just an at home bili-bed. Here she is in her straight jacket:

Our days are beginning to fall into a routine again. Beginning. I use that word tentatively. I still have 24/7 help, but I am moving around more and more and taking back control of my home. It has definitely been on the short end of the stick the past several weeks. My energy, such as it was, was focused on survival. With two toddlers in our midst, it is a game that took all my brains. But, things are beginning to have some semblance of order again. At the very least, I am catching up. =)

Thomas and Sarah Grace are showing signs of softening towards their new sister. They mostly ignored her for several days. Then they would ask about her or check on her if she was crying. Now we are to the point where they ask to kiss her and see her and hold her. They will tell her they love her, and I am glad that the transition went smoothly! I honestly expected more chaos.

I would say peace and harmony reign, but, well, it doesn't. However, I am throughly content with relative peace and abounding love. We have soem mountains to cross yet, as Thomas and Sarah Grace re-accustom themselves to an assertive Mommy again. All said, I am a very happy lady and rejoicing in the daily blessings of life.


Clark and Laura Forman said...

I am so glad that things are getting back to their routine, slowly but surely! And how amazing is it that Elizabeth didn't have to go back to the hospital, God is so good!! Thanks so much for sharing with us admist all that you have to do in your home, what an amazing woman you are!!! Love you friend!

Lora Lynn said...

Give it time. Coming out of the fog is a slow process. Eventually your kids will remember you're the mom. :-)