Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Funny Things

I have been meaning to share for quite a while now an odd, but endearing, little trademark Thomas has picked up. He has this crazily mixed up salutation list. It all started with Merry Christmas, then Happy New Year, then Happy Birthday (my parents, then his Daddy) and Valentine's Day. Thomas will cheerfully send Joshua off to work each day with one of the following phrases, with no particular leanings towards one or the other. 'Happy Balentine's, Daddy' or 'Happy Birfday, Daddy'. What he means is have a good day, and on the rare occasion, that is what he will actually say, but usually he sticks with valentine's or birthday.

To add to the cuteness that is my kids, let me tell you about Thomas waking up from naptime today. He came up with this grin on his face (he was sleeping on my bed) and says 'Cookie, pwease, Mommy?' I gave him a cookie, right there on the bed and let him eat it. He was thrilled to be eating on Mommy's bed. Left a smudge of chocolate to prove he was there. I was downloading pictures from our camera, and he announced he wanted to have his picture taken. He posed with several funny faces for me.

Then there is our little Sarah Grace. She wants to be just like her brother. If he smashes his finger and cries and asks for it to be kissed, she holds her finger up , produces real tears and asks for a kiss. If he drinks from a big cup, she drinks from a big cup. If he gets his shoes, she gets her shoes. If he sits on the potty, she sits on the potty. If he reads a book, she reads a book. If he sings a song, she sings a song. You see the method to the madness here? It is cute, but it can be maddening, too.

We recently bought Thomas a baseball cap. He likes it pretty well, and has even learned 'cap etiquette', if you will. He will take if off (even if he does just toss it to the floor) when it is time to come to the kitchen to eat. Anyway, Sarah Grace has decided she needs a hat , too. Since I haven't found her one yet, she just makes off with Tom's occasionally. He does not appreciate this, I can assure you. So last night, she was prancing around in his hat and he decided he wanted it. Since it is his, we gave Sarah Grace one of Joshua's hats. She promptly donned the coveted hat, backwards no less, and threw on a necklace to go with it. Cuteness ensues, once again.


Lora Lynn said...

that girl looks like trouble!!!!!! but she;s cute!

Andrew in VA said...

you know what? these are adorable and all, but I'm not content to look at these any more. I know you have a life, but would it kill you to post another picture or two? :-)