Monday, March 26, 2007

More Playground Updates

Yes, I have been MIA for a bit, but have no fear, we are all here. Though one is still in the oven. It would seem that some of yu'ns are restless for more pictures of my cutie patootie kids. Who can blame you? However, I must confess, I have not used the camera much lately, so the three you see are all you get. Seriously, the only ones I have taken since the last batch. This Mommy is getting lax with photo ops!

So, the kids have learned to tummy swing and fly through the air in a safer style. This eases my heart pains quite a bit. And they are all for it because it means independence. Something my kids seem to crave...or at least until I walk out of sight. Then they tend toward the Mommy-itis side of things. Anyway, we got rocks poured under the picnic table part of the playground and my children relished the filth and fun for nearly two solid hours of entertainment. Hooray for the rocks!


Lora Lynn said...

2 hours? I need rocks. Send me some.

laura forman said...

thanks for the pics! i was getting worried and wondering how you are were doing :)