Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Thomas zooming in with a fly-by kiss for Mommy!

Thomas and Daddy exploring and explaining.

Sarah Grace enjoying the wonderful freedom of bare feet!!!

For those of you who do not live in the glorious South, my heartfelt condolences. It has been mid 70's, nosing awfully close to that 80 degree mark around high noon! Our family has been lapping up as much of this wonderful sunniness and warmth as possible. The kids and I play outside, or rather they play and I monitor from a seat. *grin* We broke out popsicles, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but popsicles aren't nearly as good if they aren't dripping down a child's chin and hands due to the sun. We have had picnics with friends, and even one with Daddy at the park AFTER he got off from work! HOORAY for daylight savings time! I am loving that it came a few weeks early this year. It means more time for children to get all their wiggles out and more time for them to play with Daddy. (We budged bedtime back to 8:00 since the sun is 'out' longer.) And my kids are sleeping more soundly at night and sleeping later in the mornings (though I am afraid to say that out loud for fear it will no longer continue!) I could get entirely spoiled to this way of life.

Picnicking with our friends Jeremiah and Elisabeth.

And there is my never emptying vase of flowers. I never fully appreciated flowers until I had a home of my own to put them in, and Joshua is pretty good about surprising me with a colorful bunch. But those are not the kind of flowers I am referring to this time. Our yard is showing all the wonderful signs of Spring. The flower beds are blooming, which is cool because I didn't know what was planted there. Still don't know what the different things are called, but they sure are pretty! The grass got it's first trimming of the year this past weekend. And those crazy little purple flower-weeds that pop up everywhere are not ignoring the plot of ground we call our yard. Thomas and Sarah Grace are sure to pick me a 'flower' or two every time they take a jaunt out doors (which is wonderfully often). So, now I have a small bud vase that graces my kitchen window that has continually fresh weeds, er, uh, flowers in it. My sweet little blessings come barreling in the house with their flowered fists bellowing for 'Base, Mommy. I dot fwowers for da base.'

It is so sweet and those little flowers are every bit as precious to me as a bouquet from the florist.


Lora Lynn said...

look at the hot mama in the sun! how cute are you!

Clark and Laura Forman said...

love the pics!! it was my first time to see you as a pregnant lady!! you are just too cute!!! don't you just love this kind of weather?? i do :)