Friday, January 26, 2007


It never ceases to amaze me the things that children do. I sincerely believe that even at 17 months of age, they know that some things are just not acceptable. And yet, they weigh the consequences against the thrill of the action. For instance, Thomas knows that he is not supposed to take toys in our kitchen. Despite this, he will run the risk of taking his big Tonka truck in there to zoom it across the uncarpeted floor. Now, I realize that this is more exciting than pushing it around on the carpet, but it is a hard, fast rule at our house. No Toys In The Kitchen. None. Period. And so, he gets his spanking for disobedience, and still sneaks to do it again.

Sarah Grace has a innate need to be on top of the table. There is just something so desirable about being on the table rather than up to the table, that she will take the risk (inevitably a spanking) and get on the table. The other day at lunch, I took Thomas to potty and get cleaned up from the meal and left Gracie eating. She was joyfully cramming food into her mouth and taking her time chewing it up, and only about half way done with her meal. So, I left her with instructions to stay in her seat and finish her lunch. Mommy would be back for her in just a minute. Upon my return, I rounded the corner to see her perched on the edge of the table, peacefully watching out the window, holding her plate and finishing the last few crumbs up. Feet dangling off the side, like Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn on the raft. Relaxed as a cat.

I know it does not help to reinforce the rule, but I tiptoed back out, got the camera, and caught my little rebel on film. The first picture is one of sheer contentment. The second is of guilt. She had been caught. It reminds me that foolishness is indeed bound up in the heart of a child. Some seem to be bound tighter than others.


The Fannings said...

So where's her pants? You're not one of those people who lets her kids go around without pants on in the middle of winter, are you? Gee.

Aubrey said...

It's a habit I picked up from a dear friend of mine. Can't seem to shake it...